Handymen Recommendation

Okay, so after being addicted to watching the Block for the last couple of years, we decided that our gym was in need of a bit of TLC to welcome our patrons in

We’ve been on the look out for reliable handymen for to do some repair work for our gym. We did think about enlisting the services of Hire a Hubby after a friend had recommended them. They do have some great marketing, but for us their prices were a little too high. We decided to do some shopping around, and in the end we found a great handyman service in Marrickville.

Usually, when it comes to getting repair work done, we rely on word of mouth but after doing some research online about Spik n Span and reading their glowing reviews we decided to give them a crack. The team they sent were very professional and reliable. They worked to a tight deadline, as we need to get some lighting and flooring fixed before we re-opened. The timeline was tight, but the boys were able to get everything done before the doors opened again for the New year classes. As a small gesture, we thought we’d give them some exposure on our blog.

We are pleased to see our refurbishment and reopening of the new gym went well, and that classes our well underway for this year. If you’d like to register for a one on one personal training please get in contact with us:¬†beproactive at pokemail dot com

Also if you have your own recommendations for handyman or would like any further details on Spik n Span’s service offering feel free to visit their website or get in touch with us and we can give you our direct contact.