A Healthy Mind, An Active Body

Our bodies are the most valuable asset we have. Yet, so many of us choose to treat it as a disposable commodity, something that is just there to facilitate getting us from A to B, and we need to fuel it occasionally. Doesn’t matter about the quality of the fuel, just the good ol’ regular grade should do. As ridiculous as it may sound, many people have this attitude. The body is just a dumping ground for any kind of food. It’s no wonder that obesity is on the rise and the rate of diseases and heart attacks are on the increase. We need to stop for a moment, and really think about what we are putting into our body.

Indeed, many people don’t realise what damage their doing to their body until it’s too late. Remember the old adage of you are what you eat. This couldn’t ring truer today. So please take stock in this new year of what foods you are putting into your body. Eat a balanced diet and do some exercise. You will notice the difference within no time.